The University loop bus is a free service that runs during semester (including exam weeks) on a loop linking the main University, Sturt and the Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) bus interchange.

Loop bus route

Buses depart Registry with stops at car parks 4 (Social Sciences South), car park 2, 9 (McHughs), Sturt (car park 13), and FMC. See campus map (PDF) for bus stop locations.

Loop bus connections

The loop bus connects with the various bus services routed through the Flinders Medical Centre.

Loop bus evening service 

Services after 6:00pm stop at car park 15 instead of the Engineering building courtyard.

After 6.00pm the loop bus alternates between two 45 minute routes into nearby suburbs.

Loop bus timetable for Flinders and Tonsley

The  Loop Bus Timetable (PDF 26KB) includes more information and a detailed timetable.

View the Tonsley Loop Bus Schedule (PDF 67KB)