Flinders University provides study options for people who can not or do not want to undertake an award study course.

Short courses

Flinders maintains a policy of providing non-award courses as continuing education or professional development programs for business and the community.

Short courses are developed to meet demand.

Current major areas of activity include environmental health, public health, public administration, public sector management, cultural tourism and event management.

Individual staff members and groups also provide various forms of community and professional services to governments and public sector organisations, community organisations and industry.

For further information or to discuss options, contact the relevant University College.

Single topic study 

If you do not wish to be admitted to a full course of study you may apply to enrol for one or more topics as a non-award student.

Students studying at other institutions also may enrol in topics at Flinders through cross-institutional enrolment with the approval of their home institution.

Non-award students are required to pay a charge which is at least equal to the full non-discounted HECS amount for their enrolment (for undergraduate topics) or the relevant tuition fee (postgraduate topics).

Further information

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Cross-institutional study

Students studying at other universities may enrol in one or more topics at Flinders University through cross-institutional enrolment.  Students intending to enrol in cross-institutional study must obtain the approval of their home institution.

Further information about cross-institutional study.

Auditing a topic

Flinders offers members of the community the opportunity to audit various university topics. Auditing is the attendance by a person at lectures in a topic from an award course, for general interest.

For further information see auditing a topic.