Summer topics

Flinders University offers a range of intensive undergraduate and postgraduate topics during the summer teaching period. These topics are available to Flinders students and students who wish to enrol on a cross-institutional or non-award basis.

Summer topics are offered in the following subject areas:

  • Arts & Languages
  • Business
  • Health and Medical Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Law & Legal Studies
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Mathematics & Sciences
  • Screen and Media


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Why enrol in a summer topic?

There are a variety of reasons to enrol in a summer topic, such as;

  • to accelerate your study;
  • to spread your study load over the whole year;
  • to take a topic that may not be available at your institution;
  • to repeat topics that you may not have passed; or
  • to learn for personal interest (non-award).

I am not a current Flinders student, can I still enrol in a summer topic?

 Yes, depending on your circumstances you may enrol in a summer topic as a;

When will the summer teaching period be held?

The summer teaching period is held between 4 January and 19 February 2016. Individual topic dates vary across this teaching period.  View the individual topic timetable pages for further information about particular topics.

When can I enrol in summer topics?

Enrolment in to 2016 topics commences from 23 November 2015. The dates when particular topic areas open are detailed in the enrolment and class registration schedule.

How do I enrol in a summer topic?

Flinders University students

Flinders University students may enrol in a summer topic through the Student Information System. For more information about the enrolment process, including the enrolment and class registration schedule, please refer to the Enrolment information webpage.

Students should read the relevant course rule and, where appropriate, seek advice from a course advisor about course requirements before enrolling in a summer topic. See the Course advice details page for contact details.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete the requirements of your course according to the course rule.

Cross-institutional and non-award students

If you are studying at another university and wish to enrol in a summer topic at Flinders University cross-institutionally or on a non-award basis, you are required to complete a Cross-institutional/Non-award enrolment form (PDF 200KB) attach relevant supporting documents, and submit the form to Flinders Connect via:

Students intending to enrol in cross-institutional study must obtain the approval of their home institution.

Refer to the Cross-institutional student webpage or Non-award students webpage for further information.

Exchange and study abroad students

International students who wish to enrol in a summer topic as an incoming study abroad student must complete the relevant application form and submit the form directly to the Flinders University International Centre.

International students wishing to apply to enrol in a summer topic as part of an exchange program must submit the relevant application form to their home institution.

The application forms and further information about how to apply can be found at the Student exchange and study abroad webpage.

The University recommends that students enrol in no more than (2) summer topics per year.

When will examinations be held for summer topics?

The formal examination period for summer topics will be held on Thursday 18 February and Friday 19 February 2015.

Note that examinations may be held at different times for some topics. Please check with your topic coordinator.

What facilities and services will be available during the summer teaching period?

The Central Library is open throughout the summer teaching period except for evenings, weekends and public holidays.  For further information, see the Library Opening Hours webpage.

The Learning Lounge, which offers a drop-in service in the Central Library to support students with writing and maths skills, will be available until the end of semester 2, 2015 and will reopen from early February 2016.  Students are encouraged to use the Student Learning Centre site in FLO for online resources once they have enrolled.  Further information on these services is available at the Student Learning Centre webpage.

The University's Health, Counselling and Disability Services will be open from 4 January.  Further information about these services can be found on the Health, Counselling and Disability Services webpage.

Check the Shops and agencies page and the Places to eat page for up to date information about the services available.

Where can I get further information and enrolment assistance?

Information about course requirements and for assistance in planning your study should be sought from the relevant course coordinator or course administrator. Their contact can be found via the Course advice details page.

Contact Flinders Connect for further information and assistance with enrolment:

  • make an enquiry online: Online enquiries:
  • ask us online: Ask Flinders
  • phone us on +61 1300 354 633
  • meet us on Level 0 of the Central Library building at the Bedford Park campus.