Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Arts*  Degree Template
Bachelor of Archaeology*  Degree Template
Bachelor of Communications & Professional Writing

Degree Template

Bachelor of Creative Arts*  
          Costume Design Degree Template
          Creative Writing Degree Template
          Dance Degree Template
          Digital Media    
          Drama Degree Template
          Fashion Degree Template
          Screen Degree Template
          Visual Arts Degree Template
Bachelor of International Tourism* Degree Template
Cultural Tourism Stream Degree Template
Festival and Event Design and Management Stream Degree Template
Nature Based Tourism Stream Degree Template
Bachelor of General Studies  
Bachelor of Languages   Degree Template
Bachelor of Letters  
Bachelor of Media Arts Degree Template
Bachelor of Theology Degree Template
* Honours degree available   

Graduate Degrees

           Graduate Certificate in Archaeology
           Graduate Diploma in Archaeology and heritage Management
           Master  of Archaeology and heritage Management  
Screen Production
          Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts (Screen Production)
Language Teaching
          Graduate Certificate in Language Teaching
          Graduate Diploma in Language Teaching
          Master of Language Studies 
Maritime Archaeology
          Graduate Certificate in Maritime Archaeology
          Graduate Diploma in Maritime Archaeology
          Master of Maritime Archaeology
Screen and Media Production
          Graduate Certificate in Sreen and Media Production
          Graduate Diploma in Sreen and Media Production 
          Master of Sreen and Media Production
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL)
          Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language
          Graduate Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language 
          Master of Teaching English as a Second Language
          Master of Arts (Teaching English as a Second Language)
Theological Studies 
          Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies
          Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies 
          Master of Theological Studies
           Graduate Certificate in Tourism (Tourism Stream)
           Graduate Diploma in Tourism (Tourism Stream)
           Master of Tourism (Tourism Stream)

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