Commonwealth supported students are charged a student contribution amount for each topic they are enrolled in. The amount charged for each topic depends on which subject area the topic relates to. Your student contribution amount will be calculated using the annual student contribution amount from the table below.

Note: Students who are Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens or permanent residents, and who are not Commonwealth supported students should refer to Fee-Paying Student Tuition Fees.

Student contribution amounts for 2019 enrolment


Subject Area

Annual Student Contribution Amount

National priorities

 Education, Nursing (Pre-2010 students only)


Band 1

Behavioural Science, Clinical Psychology, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Social Studies, Visual and Performing Arts

Education, Nursing (all students other than Pre-2010 students)


Band 2

Agriculture, Allied Health, Built Environment, Computing, Engineering, Mathematics, Other Health, Science, Statistics, Surveying


Band 3

Accounting, Administration, Business, Commerce, Economics, Law, Medicine, Tourism



Student contribution amounts by topic

The table below shows the cost for individual topics based on the unit value.


National priorities (Pre-2010 students only) ($)

Band 1 ($)

Band 2 ($)

Band 3 ($)



820 1,169 1,369



1,641 2,339 2,739

(A full time semester)


3,283 4,679 5,479

(A full time year)


6,566 9,359 10,958