About Single Sign On

Single Sign On connects you to your applications quickly, in a safe and easy way. You just sign in to your PC, Mac, or Okta dashboard to access the single sign on applications for which you’re eligible. No per-application individual login is required.

There are over 20 applications enabled for Single Sign On. Applications will appear on your dashboard depending on your role.

More applications with single sign on are forthcoming. Your dashboard will inform you when a new application is made available for you to use.

Time Out

Whilst working, you may experience a system timeout. This could come from Okta, your application, or your computer screen.

Okta in a browser will time out after a certain period of inactivity. If you are using an application when this occurs, you can just keep using it. Okta won’t drop your application.

We have increased the Okta timeout length to reduce its impact. The timeout period depends on your role:

  • for students, the timeout is 4 hours
  • for staff, the timeout is 3 hours.

If you're accessing Okta from a Flinders managed computer on campus, you won't notice Okta timeout. It will automatically sign in again as long as you are logged into your PC or Mac.

Even though Okta timeout has been increased, other timeouts may still occur.

Screen Lock

Since a work computer is usually in an open public space, it’s vulnerable to prying eyes.

Okta grants you access to all the single sign on applications to which you’re entitled. So an unlocked computer may expose a lot more of your work than you may realise.

To reduce this risk of wide open access, all Flinders owned computers are configured to lock screen after 15 minutes of idle time.

This policy doesn't apply to computers in shared public access areas. Computers in  lecture theatres, labs, and kiosks, may have longer screen lockout times.