If you are having trouble with accessing Okta or with your system account (FAN), check if any of the following guidance can help resolve your problem.

My question is about ...


Where can I get information about Okta and how to use it?

We have plenty of information about how to use Okta on our website: point your browser to Welcome to Okta.

The Okta company website is okta.com.


Some of the 'Personal Information' on my Okta Account page is wrong. How can I fix it?

If you wish to request modifications to any of the 'Personal Information' on your Okta Account Page, do the following:

First or Last Names:

  • If you are a Student, contact Flinders Connect.
  • If you are Staff, contact HR.
  • If you any other type of user (eg External Contractor or External Student), place a support request using the help form Request Okta or FAN Support.

Primary Email:

Place a support request using the help form Request Okta or FAN Support.

Secondary Email:

You can change this yourself by clicking "Edit" on the Personal Information frame on your Okta Account page. (Note this also allows you to use your secondary email for password reset and account unlock.)


When I access my Okta Sign In Screen / dashboard by typing the URL okta.flinders.edu.au, I see instead an address starting with https://flinders.okta.com/. Is this okay / safe?

Yes, this is fine - it is not a phishing attempt.

The Flinders Okta service is part of the cloud product provided by Okta (okta.com). So the login screen and dashboard for all Flinders users are located there as well. We have simply aliased okta.flinders.edu.au to our official Okta instance hosted at flinders.okta.com.


I have a problem accessing or using Okta. Where can I get help?

Tell us who you are and what your problem is by filling in the simple online form Request Okta or FAN Support.

Account Activation

I’m trying to activate my account but Okta keeps giving me an error message. Why?

Your account may not have been created yet:

  • If you are a staff member, talk to your supervisor to make sure your HR paperwork is up to date.

  • If you are a student, contact Flinders Connect to make sure your student information is up to date and correct.

  • If you are a sponsored external user, talk to your sponsor.

FAN or Password

I forgot my FAN. How do I find out what it is?

Just go through the account activation process again at https://activate.flinders.edu.au/ - during the process your FAN will be reported back to you.

If you've also forgotten your password, read on ...


I'm having problems with my Okta account, FAN, or password. How can I get help?

Make sure you are entering the right username and password into Okta!

If you're choosing a new password, ensure it complies with the Flinders password policy.

Your password is used for all your single sign on applications. Therefore, it is vital that you remember the password you choose. If you forget it, you may lose access to a whole range of online services, at least temporarily.

Since your password is so important, you should take steps to ensure the password you choose is difficult for anyone else to guess. Some guidance on how to choose a strong password is available on the Flinders website.

To report an Okta, FAN, or password problem, use the Request Okta or FAN Support self-help form. If possible, attach a snapshot of the error screen to the form. An Okta support person will examine your problem and get back to you.


I can't get into my account. How can I recover or reset my password?

If the Okta error message says your account is locked, you can wait 60 minutes for it to automatically unlock. Alternatively, you can unlock your account yourself by visiting https://flinders.okta.com/signin/unlock.

If you don't recall or can't use the password you entered when signing up for Okta, and if you provided a mobile number during sign up, you can reset your password yourself using SMS. Look at the help page Setting a Mobile Number for Okta.

Alternatively, if you provided a secondary (personal) email address in the Okta Settings screen after you activated your account, you can reset your password yourself using email. Look at the help page Setting a Secondary Email for Okta.

If none of these methods work, you'll need to seek support by filling in the online form Request Okta or FAN Support.


Which Email or Username do I use on the Self Service Password Reset screen?

Use your FAN; this is your Okta Username. Do not use your email address.


When I try to reset my password using the Okta "Forgot password?" option and select "Reset via SMS", the reset code on my mobile is sent from a number starting with "+44..." Is this okay?

Yes, the reset code is sent from Okta which is has offices and technical infrastructure in various places around the world; the +44 number is from Okta in the UK.


I've received an email from Okta saying that somebody is trying to reset my password. I don't believe this was me. What should I do?

As a precaution, you should first change your account password, to prevent your account  being compromised.

This problem can be serious and so requires immediate investigation by an IT security administrator. So contact ITS Security at itssecurity@flinders.edu.au as soon as you can.

Accessing Email or Office 365

I can log in to Okta, but I haven’t been assigned an application that I should have (for example: Outlook Mail). Why not?

You may not have been assigned access to the application yet. Notify our team about the problem via the online form Request Okta or FAN Support.


Can I install the Microsoft Office 365 application suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) as a Student?

Yes you can. All you need to do when Microsoft asks for your email address is to enter FAN@flinders.edu.au.

If you had previously installed Microsoft Office 365 on your local computer using the old student email address format (FAN@uni.flinders.edu.au), Microsoft may at some point in the future ask you to revalidate your installation. (This "spot check" can happen anytime, but is not a frequent event.) All you need to do is enter your (new) email address, FAN@flinders.edu.au, and your installation will remain valid.

Using the Okta Mobile App

When I use the Okta Mobile App on my Android device to access my Flinders dashboard (Okta) I can’t download or view any attachments. Can you help?

If you use an Android device you will not be able to download or view attachments when accessing your Flinders dashboard through the Okta Mobile app. Instead, you should use your device’s mobile browser to access your Flinders dashboard.