Information for interested research supervisors

If you would like to be involved in collaborative Advanced Studies research with one or more of our Advanced Studies MD students, you can do this by:

  • offering one or more research projects; and/ or
  • listing your name as a potential research supervisor with a particular area of indicated interest.

As a research supervisor of an Advanced Studies student, you are expected to:

  • provide guidance to the student on the appropriate level of literature critique, data collection and analysis to adopt for the research project
  • maintain regular face-to-face contact with the student throughout the research project
  • monitor student progress and provide progress reports
  • expect the student to present findings in a peer-reviewed setting and encourage the student to publish the research outcomes 

A maximum of $2,000 for each research student will be available to support their project related expenditure such as project consumables, conference registration, publication fees, etc.

More information:



Nominate as a supervisor

If you wish to be included as a potential research supervisor, send us an email with your details including your name, email and area(s) of research interest.


2018 project submission

Send us an email if you wish to receive a copy of the research project pro forma.