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Advanced studies

Advanced Studies (AS) is a compulsory research and scholarship theme integrated across all four years of the MD program. It requires medical students to undertake supervised research activities or identified postgraduate coursework.

AS research projects span across many disciplines broadly related to Medicine and are conducted in collaboration with clinical, academic and research staff within and across all Flinders related sites.

The coursework choice provides an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and experience in a selected range of postgraduate coursework topics covering areas such as Public Health, Health Care Management, Clinical Education, Chronic Conditions Management, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Biostatistics, and Remote & Indigenous Health.

The Advanced Studies theme started with first year MD students in 2014.


Year 1

Students undertake studies in research methods, ethics, epidemiology and statistics.

Towards the end of the year, students are presented with a range of approved research projects, or in some cases students suggest their own proposal (subject to approval and availability of supervisors) or coursework options. They submit their project preferences from the list of approved projects (projects are updated annually and may be based at the University, Flinders Medical Centre, and other sites within metropolitan Adelaide or in our rural and remote sites in South Australia and in the Northern Territory). For the coursework option, students select 4.5 units of coursework from a range of approved postgraduate coursework topics to be completed in Year 2.


Year 2

Students pursue their Advanced Studies choice (research or coursework) in second half of Year 2 (July – December).

Year 3

Students continue with their Advanced Studies choice in first half of Year 3 (January – August). A research student typically continues with the same research project. A coursework student undertakes a second coursework topic in Year 3.

Switching between research and coursework options is reserved for special circumstances. This is reviewed by the Advanced Studies Topic Coordinator on a case-by-case basis.

Year 4

Advanced Studies Capstone (ASC) is the final topic students undertake in the Advanced Studies theme of the Flinders MD. All students will be undertaking the topic where they will showcase their research or scholarly work, in addition to the skills and knowledge they have acquired over the four years. This takes place in first half of Year 4 (January – July).