Postgraduate studies are available in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology.

Honours Projects

Honours programs offered through the School of Medicine may incorporate a research project under the supervision of a member of academic staff of the Department. Final-year students interested in further study should register their interest with academic staff. See Research section. Further information about the Honours program is available at the School of Medicine Honours site.

PhD Projects

Upon completion of a MD or Science Honours degree or equivalent students may be accepted to undertake postgraduate studies towards an MSc or PhD degree. The student conducts research in the laboratory of a member of the Academic staff and becomes a member of the research team. Students regularly report the results of their research to their supervisory panel, departmental seminars and national and international scientific conferences. Assessment is based on the presentation of major thesis which is assessed by local and overseas experts in the field of research. A normal prerequisite to undertaking studies at this level is financial support in the form of a scholarship, for example from the University, Government, or other organisations that support research. Information of application procedures and scholarships can be found at: Postgraduate degrees by research .