Anaesthesia: Critical Events Management Course

This course is designed for experienced practitioners in the fields of anaesthesia, intensive care and retrieval medicine. Simulation is used prominently to enhance performance in crisis situations. This innovative course features:

  • Use of current adult education-theory principles
  • SpaceEd email learning package
  • Small group size to instructor ratio
  • Exploration of current best practice guidelines
  • Participants qualify for 3 credit per hour Category3/Level 2 of the ANZCA CPD


Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education

The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education provides health professionals with advanced knowledge and skills to deliver clinical education in health service settings. This is an emergent specialty field of education characterised by a symbiotic relationship between the learner, an experienced clinical educator and the health service. Within this course, units that are of particular interest in simulation, include:

  • HLED9005 - Teaching Clinical Skills in Practice & in Simulated Settings
  • HLED9015 - Simulation in Clinical Education
  • HLED9006 - Advanced Clinical Skills Teaching and Standardised Patients

Doctor of Medicine

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Unit teach into the Doctor of Medicine through team-based learning (TBL) clinical scenarios.