The aim of the Flinders Centre for Gambling Research is to conduct studies into the health, social, economic and political impact of gambling on society including the community, families and individuals, and to influence the formulation of policy in this area.

The Flinders Centre for Gambling Research strives to function as an independent research body in order to:

  • Study the impact of problem gambling and its treatment
  • Improve outcomes for individuals, families and communities affected adversely by gambling
    Investigate methods for the prevention of gambling problems at a societal, community and individual level
  • Build a University-wide multidisciplinary team of high quality researchers engaged in gambling related clinical and social research
  • Facilitate collaborative research at the local, national and international level into the effectiveness of various treatment approaches to problem gambling and influence national research and policy agendas in this area
  • Conduct research locally, nationally and internationally on
    • The phenomenon of gambling at the level of government, industry, community, family and the individual
    • The social, psychological and economic impact of gambling in its different forms on communities, families and individuals
    • The early intervention and prevention of problem gambling
    • Treatment and self-management of problem gambling
  • Disseminate research findings by
    • Publishing research findings in high quality journals
    • Presenting at relevant local, national and international conferences
    • Publishing commissioned reports
    • Establishing a dedicated Website linking our key research partners
  • Develop education and training programs for the provision of treatment for problem gambling
  • Influence public policy to reduce the adverse effects of gambling
  • Attract local, national and international higher degree research students


  • identification of problematic or pathological gambling
  • gambling prevalence
  • early intervention and prevention programmes
  • policy development and industry standards for the gaming industry
  • treatment and treatment outcomes
  • follow-up and relapse



Researchers at the Centre have developed a number of national and international research collaborations in the area of problematic gambling and applications for research funding are currently being pursued.

Results of early pilot studies into relapse in problem gambling, longitudinal outcomes of treatment programs and the exploration of alternative treatment options for treatment resistant gamblers (e.g. the application of Naltrexone in the treatment of problematic gamblers) are encouraging and provide a sound foundation for future research in this field.