Supervisors have had this to say about their experience with Flinders NT

 My student utilised the Royal Darwin Hospital-Flinders University library and 'after-hours working options' nearly every afternoon and evening, and said it wouldn’t have been possible to complete her placement or gain as much from it without the access to internet and study facilities

Each of my students has really enjoyed and appreciated the cultural workshops provided by Flinders NT

The content of the clinical supervison workshops was easy to apply to my workplace, and well delivered

Having Flinders follow up the student pre-placement requirements has allowed me to focus on the clinical training

Thank you for the valuable cultural awareness workshops you are providing and your engagement with students in NT so that they make the most of their time in the Territory


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Professor Tim Carey, Supervisor 

Aug 2018

Developing future psychologists

The Flinders NT student placement program supports clinical supervisors of students on placement in the Northern Territory. One program supervisor, Clinical Psychologist Professor Tim Carey, has provided an insight into the benefits of clinical supervision. Read More...