The department of Haematology and Genetic Pathology in the discipline of Molecular Medicine and Pathology has a strong research interest in molecular genetics and cell biology, with a particular focus on genome repair mechanisms and minimal residual disease in leukaemia.

Underpinning the extensive laboratory research effort is a determination to achieve real health benefits. Basic research is supported by clinical trials with a longer term goal of commercialising some of the findings.

There is significant overlap between the research program and the department’s diagnostic laboratory services in haematology and the genetics of adult disease.

These research links include routine molecular diagnosis in areas such as familial cancer, genetic predisposition to thrombosis, Huntington's disease and genomic instability. Recent clinical research explores the therapy of coagulation disorders, haematological malignancies and pharmacokinetics of monoclonal antibody therapy.

The Department is well equipped with facilities for DNA sequencing and real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and access to proteomics and multi-parametric flow cytometry.

For PhD and higher degree student, it’s an environment that creates significant research opportunities.

"As a research entity we are innovative and well organised. Being part of the Flinders Clinical and Molecular Medicine Academic unit supports and strengthens our multidisciplinary approach."

Associate Professor Bryone Kuss
Haematology and Genetic Pathology