The Haematology and Genetic Pathology Department welcomes students with backgrounds in science or medicine to undertake BSc Honours and B Biotech Honours.

For BSc Honours we accept students from Flinders and from other Universities.

Information regarding B Biotech Honours projects are available from the Biotechnology website. However, research often moves rapidly and, if you are interested in studying with us, please contact the senior staff associated with your area(s) of interest. Note that some projects offer a grant-in-aid. Students are welcome to visit the Department to take a look at several research groups.

Most students commence in the 1st semester (late February to early March). The courses are offered as part of the Flinders University School of Medicine Honours programs. The programs combine training in practical research, research planning, and also in scientific communication skills.

Further information on the BSc Honours program in general is available from:

Dr Andrew Rowland
Visit staff webpage

Details of all other Honours projects are available at the School of Medicine Honours Program