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Bachelor of Paramedic Science

The Bachelor of Paramedic Science is a three-year full-time course. Part-time and graduate entry options are available and will depend on prior experience and qualifications.

Successful completion of this high-quality degree will provide you with the qualifications to work in many private enterprise locations, such as mining sites and allow you to apply for a paramedic internship with many Australian ambulance services.

Our program is accredited by the Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA) and is conducted in close association with the South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS) and as such provides students with a unique balance between academic and practical learning.

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Graduate Diploma in Intensive Care Paramedic Studies

This part-time postgraduate study option aims to prepare you for employment as an intensive care paramedic.

This course will enable you to acquire critical thinking skills, knowledge, attitudes and values relevant to the provision of intensive care treatment in the pre-hospital environment.

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Master of Paramedic Science

The 2-year Master of Paramedic Science aims to equip you with the knowledge, skills and judgment to successfully perform the role of extended care paramedic, community paramedic or industrial paramedic.

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Study plans

Undergraduate study plans provide advice to prospective and current students on the topic enrolment sequence. Several topics are prerequisites and varying the study plan can have a significant impact on the completion of your degree.

Each topic of the course is equivalent to 4.5 units of study. If you are studying full time, you will undertake four subjects per semester for all three years of your degree.

Students undertaking the degree via special entry, graduate entry, tertiary transfer - including Flinderslink - or the conversion course require a tailored study plan.

Recognition of Prior Work Experience

Credit transfer for previous experience will only be considered for students who have previously worked in a professional capacity for an Australian Ambulance Serivce. Credit transfer will not be considered for volunteer activities unless accompanied by a tertiary recognised qualification.



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What our students say

Christian Marx - paramedic science graduate “I enjoyed the application of the knowledge we learned – we learned a lot of hands-on things, attended a lot of practical’s and simulation scenarios, and the knowledge we learned during the lectures and research was immediately applicable to our treatment. We didn’t just get taught theoretical knowledge - we could actually put it into practice.”

“I enjoy the medical field and learning about the human body, and the paramedic degree had a great breadth of medical content. 

"I really love providing first hand treatment, so attending to patients as a student on placement was great. Later on in the workforce, we are in charge of the patient’s wellbeing – whether they get treatment or symptom relief, and I think that’s a very good reason as to why I wanted to become a paramedic.”

“In third year, second semester, we had a class excursion day where we went to the Belair National Park and were immersed in real-life scenarios in a real-world environment. We had dummies and paramedic facilitators and lecturers and staff there to help us, but we were going in as teams to actually see how we would work outside the typical classroom. I really enjoyed the effect that environment had on your ability to treat a patient – the temperature, the light settings – it really changes things.”

Christian Marx
Paramedic science graduate, SAAS employee, and now Doctor of Medicine student.