Evidence of need

What evidence is there to support the need for the project?

Funders are interested to know what evidence you have that the project is an important one to fund. This evidence may be already available, or alternatively you may have to undertake consultations or some research of your own.

Some useful sources for information to support the need for your project may include:

  • You: your own observations or experience
  • Consultations: who has been consulted and what have they said? For example, relevant service providers; members of the community; members of the target group
  • Previous reports, projects and research: such as needs assessment
  • Literature reviews
  • Databases: with information such as demographic profile of your area, service usage or other projects.

What’s been done in the past?

It’s likely that others have done research or other projects in your area of interest. It’s well worth drawing together key findings not only to help build evidence of need, but also to learn from and build upon the work of others.

Needs assessments may have been conducted for your region or on the health issue or problem. It may be worth asking around and checking other sources of information such as libraries and government departments.


Project origins and description
References and further reading