Developing My Plan

If you are experienced in using Microsoft Excel you should find this budget form useful in calculating your project budget.

Once you open the file, you will be asked to ‘save to disc’ or ‘open file’. You can open the file and then save the budget – it is important that you save the budget to either your computer or USB stick. Use the ‘Save As’ function in the file menu. This will ensure that your data is not lost when you exit Excel and that you can edit or continue to work on your project budget as necessary. In accessing the worksheet you will also be asked to ‘enable macros’ or ‘disable macros’ – it is suggested that you ‘enable macros’.

Please note that we have included a wide range of budgeting considerations, some of which may not apply to your particular project.

If you do not wish to use the Excel Budget form please feel free to use this printable copy of our budget form (PDF 56KB) , where you can enter you details by hand.

Click here to see the budget form.

Click here to see the printable budget form (PDF 56KB) .


Budget overview
Budget justification