Now that you have defined what difference your project is intending to make (goal & objectives), and what activities will be undertaken to get this change (strategies), you now have a good foundation for your evaluation plan.

This section takes you through some of the basics of evaluation and how to develop an evaluation plan. It briefly explores what evaluation is, why we might do it, whose interests the evaluation can serve and what resources may be needed to conduct your evaluation. These are important things to consider before developing an evaluation plan.

The second part of this section explores what evaluation information (indicators) you need to collect at different stages. PEW will assist you to develop relevant and useful indicators of both process and impact.

The final part of this section guides you through assessing and selecting appropriate ways to gather the information you need for your evaluation.

Topics covered in this section include:

About evaluation


Doing evaluation

Evaluation information to collect

How to collect the information


Strategies checklist
About evaluation