Developing My Plan

Process and Impact Data Collection

Now it’s time to choose what data collection methods you wish to use

Using your Blank Project and Evaluation Plan Form (DOCX 54KB) (which you will have already printed off), you need to consider the process indicators and the appropriate methods to gather data for these and then consider the impact indicators and the appropriate methods to gather these.

You may wish to revisit your process and impact indicators in your Project & Evaluation Plan before deciding on the appropriate data collection methods.

Whatever methods you choose, it is important to include some overall or ‘summative’ questions such as:

  • What were the greatest achievements?
  • What worked best, worst?
  • In hindsight what could have been done differently to improve outcomes?

View our example of a completed Program Evaluation Plan.

Feel free to edit your data collection methods at any time if you wish.

Now you can develop your budget.


Deciding on data collection methods Evaluation checklist