Evaluation Checklist

Some issues to consider about your data:

The suitability of your data collection method

  • Is the method acceptable to your subjects?
  • Are there any cultural issues to consider?
  • Is the method going to tell you what you want to know?
  • Do you need to make generalisations about a population? (surveys needed)
  • Do you need to explore ‘new’ ideas or areas? (qualitative methods)
  • Do you want to do both of these things? (triangulation of methods)

Are your findings valid?

  • Have you piloted your questionnaire?
  • Are you measuring what you are supposed to be measuring?
  • Does your questionnaire/topic guide look suitable to your subjects (‘face validity’?)
  • Does your questionnaire/topic guide cover all the issues (‘content validity’?)
  • Do you need to think about other types of validity? (criterion validity’ and ‘construct validity’)

Are your findings ‘reliable’?

  • Are you measuring accurately?
  • For questionnaires, are they internally consistent?
  • If different people are ‘rating’ answers, are they doing this consistently?

Can you summarise your findings clearly?

  • What were the greatest achievements?
  • What worked best/worst?
  • In hindsight what could have been done differently to improve outcomes?


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