What is an evaluation plan?

An evaluation plan is a short summary of what needs to be evaluated, what information needs to be collected, and how you are intending to collect this information. An evaluation plan is much easier to develop if you have clearly defined goals, objectives and strategies, as they act like the foundation for the evaluation.

Why have one?

An evaluation plan can help you to:

  • Make clear what you want to evaluate, when & how
  • Guide the information you need to collect along the way
  • Identify and approach people in advance who may be vital for the collection of this information
  • Work out if ethics approval needs to be sought
  • Consult with people about the best ways to collect the information
  • Determine what time and resources are needed for the evaluation
  • Help ensure the evaluation scale is appropriate to the scale of the project

They can also be an essential requirement from funders.


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