Developing My Plan - Impact & Outcomes Indicators

In this section you will develop impact/outcome indicators for your project using your Blank Project and Evaluation Plan Form (DOCX 54KB) which you will have already printed off, this section focuses on your objectives, or the changes you are hoping for as a result of your project.

You will need to consider what could be signs of success in relation to each objective.

What could be signs of success?

Impact indicators need to be able to show some sign of change. They are likely to involve signs of increase/decrease or improvement, or capacity. As signs of change, they require some sort of comparison of what was before, and what was after the project.

Depending on your objectives, impact indicators can include

  • Comparing statistics before & after
  • Comparing structures or systems before & after
  • Participants reporting that change intended by project has occurred (eg. increased knowledge, skills etc. or greater capacity)

A good starting point for developing impact indicators is to ask yourself

  “Looking at the project’s objectives… what would be signs of success?” 

It is a good idea to jot your ideas down and refine them into specific impact indicators.

To view our example of a completed Program Evaluation Plan click here.


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