Developing My Plan - Process Indicators

In this section you will develop signs of success (or indicators) for your project. Using your Blank Project and Evaluation Plan Form (DOCX 54KB) which you will have already printed off, the first step involves developing indicators for strategies and then for your goal and objectives.

Developing Process Indicators for your project

At this stage it may be useful to consider the possibilities before prioritising which indicators would be most useful and practical to collect information about.

A good starting point for developing process indicators is to ask yourself

“Looking at the project’s activities (strategies)…what could be signs of success?”

What would be signs (or indicators) that the activities:

  • That were planned have occurred?
  • Have reached the appropriate people?
  • Have been of good quality?

It is a good idea to jot these down and then refine them into specific process indicators for each of your strategies.

If you are happy with your process indicators you now need to come up with some impact/outcome indicators.


Indicators of process Indicators of impact