Example of a Completed Project & Evaluation Plan

Project Title: Noise-induced Hearing Loss among Children and Adults in Rural South Australia

Goal: To prevent & minimise noise-induced hearing loss among children & adults in a rural region of South Australia.



Process Indicators

Data collection methods


Impact/Outcome indicators

Data collection methods

To increase knowledge among the target group about the risks of short and long term NIHL. Advertise the program in local community papers, school newsletters and local radio.
Amount and type of advertising material produced and disseminated.
People exposed to the program will report an increased awareness of the risks of short and long term NIHL.
Survey people exposed to the program.
Collect resources to form a mobile display, facilitated by speech pathologist.
Quantity and quality of resource material available. Number of people who visit mobile display. Number of resources taken away by visitors.
Count feedback from visitors and health professionals.
Conduct community-based hearing conservation education.
Number of promotions. Number of people who attend. Satisfaction with promotion.
Count feedback from visitors and health professionals.
To increase awareness among people screened of their hearing levels and the services available to assist those with hearing damage.
Conduct information and screening sessions, with assistance from a speech pathologist.
Number of sessions, screenings. Satisfaction with screening.Count, feedback from people screened and health professionals. People who are screened will be more informed about whether they have a hearing loss, how to prevent further damage and hearing services available to them. Survey people who are screened as part of the program. 
Refer people with hearing damage to appropriate services.
Number of referrals to other services.
Count, survey.
To increase local business & retailers involvement in raising the awareness of the risks and ways to reduce the risks.
Encourage local industrial and retail personnel to provide prevention advice to clients, customers and workers.
Number of local industrial and retail personnel who participate in the program.
Count, survey.
Activities will be initiated by local business, retailers, aimed at raising awareness of the risks and ways to reduce them.
Survey local business, retailers.
 Level of satisfaction with the program.
 Document activities.


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