What are goals & objectives?

Goals and objectives are statements about change.

A goal is a statement about the broad, long-term change your project is working toward. It refers to what you ultimately want to achieve, or your destination e.g., to reduce social isolation of elderly carers in the region.

Objectives are statements about more specific and immediate changes you want in order to progress towards your goal. As a statement about change, it often includes words such as: to increase, to improve, to reduce). The changes might be in skill levels, attitudes, knowledge, processes, awareness or behaviour e.g., to increase the networks of elderly carers, to improve access to culturally appropriate respite services.

Features of ‘good’ goals and objectives

  • Clearly defined
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Are able to be measured in some way
  • Focus on the change you are wanting rather than the doing of activities
  • Are realistic and achievable

A closer look at goals & objectives

Your goal can contain information about:

  • WHAT you are trying to change
  • WHO will be affected by your project/program (identify community groups)
  • HOW they will be affected
  • WHERE the changes will take place


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