Health Promotion SA – Health Promotion Grants Project Report Proforma

Proforma for Part A of Final Report

Please provide a report using the following headings:

  1. Executive Summary
    Brief overview of the entire report (no more than 1 single-sided A4 page)

  2. Background History
    Justification of issue

  3. Strategies
    Explain how successful strategies were in achieving objectives

  4. Timeline
    Include dates of commencement, special events and completion

  5. Project Advisory Group
    List membership of project advisory group. Comment on level of involvement of target group in project.

  6. Budget – attach financial statements

  7. Evaluation
    Comment on results measured against objectives. Include comments on evaluation of project materials and results of any promotional, educational, structural, and community development activities. If you conducted a survey as part of your evaluation, comment on the process and any problems experienced. Were there any unexpected outcomes of the project, positive or negative? Comment on the likelihood of the projects making an impact on the health issue.

  8. Other results
    Any other anecdotal, qualitative or quantitative results of the project not covered in Part B. Were there barriers to the project progressing as expected? Were they overcome? If so, how were they dealt with? What aspects of the project will continue beyond the term of the sponsorship/what would you do differently next time?

  9. Comment on how you plan to disseminate your project findings

Part B of Final Report

  1. Population Reach
    Numbers of organisers, participants, spectators

  2. Media Publicity
    Details of any print media, radio or television coverage of the project

  3. Publications
    Numbers of articles, reports, newsletters, papers

  4. Community Involvement
    The extent of community involvement

  5. Structural Changes
    The extent to which the project had an impact on areas such as smoke free areas, safe alcohol practices, sun protection measures, healthy food choices, disability access, access for disadvantaged groups

  6. Educational Activities
    Reach, frequency, duration, in-service training, teacher/student resource material

  7. Survey Results
    Survey size, target group, impact on knowledge, attitude, skills, behavioural intention, immediate action, behaviour


What to include in the funder report
Example: Primary Health Care initiative and advancement programs