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Guidelines for preparation of the Final Report

(based on protocol developed for the NBHP evaluation jointly copyrighted with Auer, Chung and Hemmings and SAHC Social Health and Policy Development Branch, and on guidelines for funding of PHCIP and PHCAP)

The final report brings together all the information required to describe the project and how it worked. It is a document that people should be able to read to get an idea of what was achieved and what did and did not work well. The final report will cover the complete duration of the project and some ideas for the future. It will also include an assessment of the project overall, using information collected as part of the evaluation.

Executive summary

A brief overview of the entire report (1-2 pages). Write this when you have completed the rest of the report.

1.  Why did we do the Project?
  • What is the problem being addressed
    Project background: history of the project, the issue being addressed, why was it chosen and who identified the issue as important
  • Who is the program designed for?
    Describe the target group and geographical area. Did you reach the target group you intended? Comment on any changes
2.  What were we trying to do?
  • Project management and organisation

    Sponsoring organisations and location of project – list details
    Sources of funding and budget – list details
    Project Advisory Group – list the membership
    Were there any changes in membership over the time of the project? What impact, if any, did these changes have on the project?
    Did you involve all the people you wanted to involve? What sort of involvement did the group have with the project and was it what was expected?
    Involvement of the target group
    Were members of the target group on the Program Advisory Group? If so, were they able to participate and contribute to the group?
    What other involvement did the target group have with the project and was it what was expected?
    Other stakeholders
    List any other organisations, agencies, groups, community members etc, who were involved in the project. Were there any changes in these stakeholders over the time of the project? If so, what impact did these changes have on the project? How much involvement, and what sort of involvement, did these stakeholders have with the project and was it what was expected?
  • Project goal, objectives, strategies and indicators
    Take this information from the evaluation plan you prepared earlier. Comment on any changes made to the goal, objectives, strategies or indicators over the time of the project.
3.  What have we actually done?
  • Project story
    Timetable of events
    List the actions taken in implementing the project, who was involved and the time scale.
    Simple statistics
    Description of numbers and types of clients, post code, age, language spoken at home, aboriginality, type of service provided etc. eg Community Profile: description of members involved and number of members, type of activity, regularity of events etc.
4.  What have we achieved? Results of the evaluation
  • Evaluation Plan
    Include your final evaluation plan as submitted previously
  • Evaluation Methods
    Summarise the evaluation methods you used and describe the purpose of each method ie what information did it seek to collect? Attach copies of any questionnaires, interview or focus group schedules etc. Describe any problems you had in collecting or using information for your evaluation. Describe any changes you made to your evaluation methods or plan.
  • Process evaluation
    Did the program reach the target group? Did all parts of the program reach all parts of the target group? Were participants satisfied with the program? Were all the activities of the program implemented? Were all the materials and components of the program of good quality?
5.  Where do we go from here?
  • The future
    What aspects of the project will continue after the life of the project grant? What role will your organisation and other stakeholders have in this issue in the future? What else needs to be done? What changes should be made to the program? Have other needs been identified?
  • Recommendations
    List your recommendations for action and how these could be implemented
  • Final comments and conclusions


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