Things good writers do that poor writers don't

Good writers


Poor Writers

Know the importance of revision
 Think revising is admitting that the first draft is weak
Think revision is making major changes based on purpose and reader’s needs
 Think revision is mainly making minor grammar and word changes. Few meaningful changes
Rely on revision, work and thinking
 Rely on inspiration
Use rules as guidelines that can be modified
 See rules as commandments that can’t be broken
See good writing as accomplishing goals
 Think good writing equals correct writing
Imagine their reader judging their writing
 Imagine a judge reading their writing
Save changes in vocabulary, grammar and spelling until last
 Stop first draft often to look up words and rules
Take another approach when stuck. Expect problems
 Panic when stuck. Put off writing and hope for inspiration
Take more time to plan. Think, jot notes, outline, talk, doodle, freewrite
 Start with first sentence right away
Re-read for overall effect
 Seldom re-read. If they re-read, it is only to see if the sentence “sounded right” and to make corrections


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