Clinical Practicums –
Competency-based training and supervision

Students are required to undertake two practicum topics as part of the diploma and three practicums as part of the masters’ award. All students are required to enter into a placement contract whilst undertaking training as part of the postgraduate programs. All students are required to enter into a clinical supervision agreement with an approved supervisor appointed by the course. All students must complete the pre-placement requirements prior to the commencement of the placement. Students cannot attend or see clients until these procedures and forms have been completed and received:

Student Wellbeing and Professionalism

It is the role of the Student Wellbeing and Professionalism Committee of the School of Medicine (SWaP) to provide guidance and support for students’ wellbeing, along with setting, monitoring and maintaining standards for students’ professionalism. Students may be referred to the SWaP Committee if normal processes for managing professional behaviour at the topic or course coordination level have been exhausted. The SWaP Committee will report on the outcome of a counselling and remediation process to the relevant Examination Board, and in the case where a student’s remediation is assessed as unsatisfactory, may recommend failure in the relevant topic/s.  

A student who fails the topic on the grounds of unsatisfactory professional behaviour will not be eligible for supplementary assessment.