Ruth Walker, Julie Johns

The Transition Care Program (TCP) was established in 2004 and is specifically aimed at improving the care of older people across the acute-aged care continuum. It seeks to reduce the number of older people inappropriately occupying acute hospital beds, while at the same time promoting recovery of independence.

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the client journey through the Transition Care Programs of both of the Local Health Networks, including satisfaction with the process and how it met their needs. The focus was specifically on understanding the lived-experience of older people themselves through in-depth interviews. This evaluation also involved the development of:

  • a simple quantitative instrument which the TCP care-coordinator can distribute to clients post-discharge from hospital regarding their expectations of the program; and
  • a tool that could be distributed to clients post-TCP regarding their experiences on the program, and based on the findings of the in-depth interviews.

 This report is free to download Evaluation of the Central and Northern Adelaide Local Health Networks Transition Care Program - A client perspective (PDF 1MB)