Planning and Evaluation Wizard (PEW) 2001

Written and coordinated by: Charlie Murray, Paul Aylward, Richard Cooke, Maryanne Martin

The Project Planning and Evaluation Wizard (PEW) is a tool designed to assist project officers working on primary health care and health promotion projects to develop: A case for their projects; Project plans and evaluation plans; Project reports. Chasing project funding has become a regular feature of working in primary health care. This involves planning, evaluation and report writing, while at the same time juggling busy workloads. It is often a very daunting task for those new to project management.

We hope PEW will help demystify the jargon associated with project planning, evaluation, and report writing, as well as provide practical assistance and examples, and maybe even make these tasks a bit more enjoyable! PEW has been developed in consultation with many people working in the field of primary health care and health promotion in South Australia. Although designed with these workers in mind, we hope that PEW will be useful for anyone new to project funding and management.

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