The New Public Health (second edition, 2003)

Fran Baum

In the twenty-first century public health is under considerable threat. Environmental deterioration, terrorism and war, growing economic inequalities, declining social capital, neo-liberal economic policies, and rapid economic globalisation all pose threats to health. Public health is concerned with reducing these treats and finding healthy solutions to them. In the past public health was dominated by medical models of practice, however, now it is increasingly multi disciplianty and focuses on the social, economic, and environmental bases of health. The comprehensive overview of contemporary public health practice in The New Public Health discusses the rapid chages that have affected public helath in the early years of the new century.

This second edition includes two new chapters: one on globalisation, which sets the new public health in a global context, and another dedicated to a settings approach to health promotion, including helathy cities, Also covered in these chapters are such topics as:

  • definitions and history
  • the political economy of public health
  • the full spectrum of public-health research methods
  • patterns of health, illness, and mortality
  • the health of the environment and its impact on human health, and
  • practical public-health strategies.

This book is an invaluable resource for students of public helath, primary helathcare workers, health and Environmental planners, and everyone interested in creating healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities.

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