Transport and Health: Assessing the Impact (1998)

Beverley Clarke, Fran Baum, Ellie Rosenfeld, and Sue Dunn

The links between transport and health are numerous and complex. 'Transport and Health: Assessing the Impact' aims to make these links more accessible and comprehensible to a diverse group of people concerned about transport and health. These include governments (local, state and federal), non-government organisations and concerned citizens. People's health is directly related to the conditions in which they live. One factor shaping these conditions is transport, and the way in which it is organised for people to gain access to goods and services.

Transport issues are complex. They pose significant scientific, technical and equity issues in the short and long term policy planning agendas of many metropolitan organisations. Issues of both private and public transport have fundamental ramifications for the health of the community.

This report will add to our understanding of the relationship between transport and health and will be an excellent resource for individuals and organisations with an interest in these issues.

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