Changing patterns of work: impacts on physical and mental health and the mediating role of resiliency and social capital

Fran Baum

This is a five year project funded by an NH&MRC Strategic Award and brings together researchers in SACHRU, the National Institute of Labour Studies at Flinders and the University of Melbourne. This project is working to provide a detailed understanding of the impact of the changing forms of employment and unemployment on overall health. It will provide original insights into what aspects of the employment relationship help or harm health; and on what enables some people to escape the harm that others experience. To date work has focused on secondary analysis of the HILDA data base which is a longitudinal study of Australian workers. Fran Baum will be involved in the qualitative arm of the research which will explore workers’ perceptions of the changing nature of work on their health. The project will provide vital information to underpin policies designed to gain the benefits of a flexible workplace, with minimum harm to workers.