Evaluation of the development process of the CNAHS Mental Health Cultural Operational Protocol and the implementation of the protocol

Michael Bentley

This project to develop and implement the Mental Health Cultural Operational Protocol aims to enable (CNAHS mental health) service providers to work more effectively and appropriately with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with mental health issues. A working party comprised of various stakeholders will identify and collect information on needs and culturally appropriate and effective responses, and develop training to ensure service providers are aware of key issues, processes and procedures.

SACHRU is working with Paul Laris & Associates to look at both the processes and the outcomes of the project. The evaluation will report on the role of the working party, the involvement of the various stakeholders, development of the protocol, and the process of its implementation. It will identify changes in cultural competence within participating services and the implications for access to services and for client outcomes. The evaluation is due for completion in June 2008.