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Flinders University, South Australia One of Australia's leading teaching and research institutions, Flinders University combines traditional values with a progressive outlook and a flair for innovation.

Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity has been established through the successful Australian Research Council Federation Fellowship of Professor Fran Baum at Flinders University. The Federation Fellowship is also supported by the SA Department of Health, the SA Social Inclusion Unit and the Premier's Science and Research Fund.

Discipline of Public Health is a part of the Medical School of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Flinders University. It aims to promote health and healthy environments in Australia and overseas by advocating for and advancing multi-disciplinary public health research, teaching and practice.

Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia is a public teaching hospital and medical school, co-located with Flinders University and the Flinders Private Hospital. The Flinders Medical Centre Foundation is the fundraising arm of the hospital.

South Australian Department of Health is responsible for developing and administering health policy, budgets and planning. The Department was established on 1 July 2004, and replaces that part of the former Department of Human Services that looked after health matters for South Australians. Included within the Department of Health are: public hospital services, metropolitan and country health service delivery, responsibility for environmental health, communicable diseases, epidemiology, and health promotion and education, the IMVS (Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science), Breast Screen SA, organ donation and the Cancer Registry .

Primary Health Care Research & Information Service is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing to provide easy access to up-to-date information about research, evaluation and development in general practice and primary health care to practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and consumers.

General Practice & Primary Health Care, Northern Territory is the peak body representing the Territory's general practice and primary health care sector.

Fulbright Symposium 2008 - Healthy People, Prosperous Country. This event brought together some of the world's leading experts on social determinants of health with a broad range of Aboriginal health workers, health bureaucrats, academics and students to investigate the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health outcomes in Australia.