This longitudinal research project aimed to understand how the loss of employment arising from the closure of Mitsubishi at Lonsdale – a significant manufacturing plant – affects the well-being of workers and their families. The research examined the processes of adjustment and change – health impacts, loss of job and possible loss of income – affecting workers and their families who have been made redundant or accepted voluntary redundancy packages.


Fran Baum

Project Staff

A Beer, F Baum, H Thomas, D Lowry, C Cutler, G Zhang, G Jolley, A Ziersch, F Verity, C MacDougall and L Newman

Partner Research Groups or Other Partners

Australian Housing & Urban Research Institute

Funding & duration

Australian Research Council, SA Department of Health and Department for Families and Communities, Australian Health Inequities Program: 2006-2010

Associated Publications


Scholarly Book Chapters

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Refereed Journal Articles

  • Newman, L., MacDougall, C. & Baum, F. (2009) 'Australian children's accounts of the closure of a car factory: Global restructuring and local impacts.’ Community, Work and Family (Special Issue on community and work-life issues in a global context - New perspectives in a changing world), 12, 143-158.
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Refereed Conference Papers


  • King, D. and Smith L. (2008) Transition Stories: Surviving Retrenchment in the Australian Automotive Industry, Presentation to the American Sociological Association Conference, August.
  • Beer, A. and Cooper, J. (2005) The Challenge of University-Regional Partnership in a Period of Structural Adjustment: Lessons from Southern Adelaide’s Response to an Automobile Plant Closure, Paper presented to the Australian Universities Community Engagement Alliance Conference, Melbourne.

Project Reports

  • Beer, A., Baum, F., Thomas, H., Lowry, D., Cutler, C., Zhang, G., Jolley, G., Ziersch, A., Verity, F., MacDougall, C. & Newman, L. (2006) HSRIP Report: An Evaluation of the Impact of Retrenchment at Mitsubishi, Focussing on Affected Workers, their Families and Communities: Implications for Human Services Policies and Practices. Adelaide: Flinders University.

Other Publications

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Conference Papers/Abstracts

  • MacDougall, C., Newman, L. & Baum, F. (2009) ‘Health & Social Impacts of Redundancy on Workers’ Children and Families.’ Paper presented at 19th Annual Conference of the European Early Childhood Education Research Association, Strasbourg (France), August 2009.
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  • Baum, F., Zhang, G., Jolley, G., Ziersch, A., & Newman, L. (2006) ‘Redundancy and mental health: Findings from an automotive plant.’ Paper presented at Public Health Association of Australia 37th Annual Conference, Sydney, September 2006.