Refugees, Housing and Health

Research Overview

The major aim of this project is to develop an evidence base for policy makers and service providers to form innovative responses concerning health and well-being and social inclusion amongst refugees and asylum seekers entering Australian society.

In order to do this, the project uses qualitative and quantitative methods to address three objectives:

  • To document the housing settlement experiences of asylum seekers and refugees, and examine the connections between these experiences and their social inclusion and health and wellbeing;
  • To investigate the policy, practice and community facilitators and barriers to positive housing experiences, social inclusion, and wellbeing outcomes;
  • To use the evidence to develop recommendations to facilitate access to positive housing outcomes for asylum seekers and refugees, in ways that promote social inclusion and health and wellbeing.

The project will result in best-practice guides in relation to housing and the links to social inclusion, health and wellbeing.

If you would like to find out more about this research, please contact one of the research team below.

 Research team

A/Prof Anna Ziersch

Senior Research Fellow

A/Prof Kathy Arthurson

Senior Research Fellow



Art Work Competition

As part of the refugees and housing project, we are running an artwork competition for refugees and asylum seekers. To enter the competition you need to make a work of art which shows the link between housing and wellbeing in a positive way. If you are interested in the competition, please download the Competition Form (DOCX 23KB) to submit with your artwork. We would love to hear from you!

 For further information please click Information Flyer for Art Work Competition (PDF 67KB)



Partner Organisations


The Australian Refugee Association

Baptist Care



Reference Group and Working Party

The research team has a broader Reference Group, which includes representatives from the Migrant Resource Centre, the Migrant Health Services, the Red Cross, STTARS, Multicultural SA, Welcome to Australia, HousingSA, local councils, and HomeStart Finance. 

The research team also has a Working Group comprising of community members with refugee backgrounds.


Research Updates

Community Resources concerning Housing and Health


The Australian Refugee Association Accommodation Service:

HomeStart Finance South Australia:

AnglicareSA Refugee and Transition Housing:


Migrant Resource Centre:

Baptist Care Refugee Services:

The Red Cross:


Relevant research

 Refugee Council of Australia: Housing Literature Review

 Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute: Refugees, Housing and Social Inclusion Project