Stigma and Discrimination

We have been developing a Stigma and Discrimination & Health Research Network (SDHRN) to draw together those working on research in the areas of stigma, discrimination and health across Flinders University and other universities, alongside policy makers and practitioners to advance research, policy and practice in this area.

If you are interested in being part of the SDHRN network or the research being undertaken in this area at the Southgate, please contact Anna Ziersch.

Stigma and discrimination can harm health and wellbeing and also effect opportunities for full social inclusion. Led by A/Prof Anna Ziersch, researchers at the Southgate Institute are undertaking research in this area, aiming to:

  • Advance understandings of how stigma and discrimination can impact on social inclusion and health and wellbeing
  • Identify mechanisms to address stigma and discrimination, and also to interrupt negative effects on social inclusion and health and wellbeing.
  • Explore which policies and practices are most effective in addressing discrimination and supporting social inclusion
  • Contribute to research training in the area of stigma, discrimination and health.

Key areas of expertise

  • Racism
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Neighbourhood reputation and stigma
  • Housing tenure stigma
  • Resettlement experiences of refugees and asylum seekers
  • HIV stigma
  • Complaints mechanisms to address discrimination


Current Projects

Tenants' experiences of the Carlton Housing Estate Redevelopment Project Stage 1. Investigators: A/Prof K Arthurson, A/Prof Anna Ziersch, Dr Iris Levin
Partners: VicHealth, Brotherhood of St Laurence

For further information click Tenant Experiences (PDF 213KB)

Experiences of Relocation in and around the Carlton Redevelopment Project
Stage 1.
Investigators: A/Prof K Arthurson, A/Prof Anna Ziersch, Dr Iris Levin
Partners: VicHealth, Brotherhood of St Laurence

For further information click Relocations (PDF 334KB)

Stigma and discrimination and their detrimental impact on social inclusion and health and wellbeing (ARC Future Fellowship)
Investigator: A/Prof Anna Ziersch

Belonging begins at home: Promoting social inclusion and wellbeing for asylum seekers and people from refugee backgrounds (ARC Linkage)
Investigators: A/Prof Anna Ziersch, A/Prof K Arthurson
Partners: Anglicare SA, Australian Refugee Association, Baptist Care SA, Shelter SA

The relocation tool kit: a guide for implementing relocation policies that enhance residents’ health and wellbeing and social inclusion (ARC Linkage)
Investigators: A/Prof K Arthurson, A/Prof Anna Ziersch
Partners: VicHealth, Brotherhood of St Laurence

The problem of social housing stigmatisation and the innovations that can minimise its effects
Investigators: Prof Keith Jacobs, A/Prof K Arthurson, A/Prof Natasha Cica, Ms Anna Greenwood


Selected Publications

  • Arthurson, K. (2013). Mixed tenure communities and the effects on neighbourhood reputation and stigma: Residents' experiences from within. Cities.
  • Osborne K, Ziersch A, Gallaher G, Baum F. (2012) ‘Factors associated with Australian Aboriginal residents’ satisfaction with their urban neighbourhoods’, Urban Studies 49(11) 2459–2477.
  • Arthurson, K. (2012). Social Mix and the City: Challenging the mixed communities consensus in housing and urban planning policies. Collingwood, VIC: CSIRO Publishing.
  • Arthurson, K. (2012). Social Mix, Reputation and Stigma: Exploring Residents' Perspectives of Neighbourhood Effects. In M van Ham, D Manley, N Bailey, L Simpson & D Maclennan, ed. Neighbourhood Effects Research: New Perspectives. London, UK: Springer, pp. 101-119. [online].
  • Ziersch A (2011) Neighbourhood ‘social infrastructure’ for health: The role of social capital, fear of crime and area reputation. In: Nriagu JO (ed.) Encyclopedia of Environmental Health, volume 4, pp. 72–78 Burlington: Elsevier.
  • Ziersch AM, Gallaher G, Baum F, Bentley M. (2011).  Responding to racism: Insights on how racism can damage health from an urban study of Australian Aboriginal people.  Social Science and Medicine. 73(7): 1045-1053.
  • Ziersch AM, Gallaher G, Baum FE, Bentley M. (2011). Racism, social resources and mental health for Aboriginal people living in Adelaide.  Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 35(3):231-237.
  • Jacobs, K., Arthurson, K., Cica, N., Greenwood, A. and Hastings, A. (2011). The stigmatisation of social housing: findings from a panel investigation. Final Report Series of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, 166.
  • Jacobs, K., Arthurson, K., Cica, N., Greenwood, A., Hastings, A. (2011) The Stigmatisation of Social Housing: Findings from a Panel Investigation, AHURI Final Report, Melbourne.
  • Gallaher G, Ziersch A, Baum F, Bentley M, Palmer C, Edmondson W and Winslow L.  (2009). In Our Own Backyard: Urban health inequities and Aboriginal experiences of neighbourhood life, social capital and racism.  Flinders University, Adelaide.


Significant Past Projects

Workplace discrimination – to what extent is it an important occupational health and safety issue and what mediates its affects?
Investigator: A/Prof Anna Ziersch

Contextual and compositional determinants of urban health inequities: An Indigenous perspective
Investigator: Prof Fran Baum, Professor Wendy Edmonson, A/Prof Anna Ziersch, Dr Catherine Palmer

Key Staff

A/Prof Anna Ziersch

Director, Stigma and Discrimination, ARC Future Fellow


A/Prof Kathy Arthurson

Senior Research Fellow, ARC Future Fellow


Dr Iris Levin Azriel

Postdoctoral Research Fellow





Dr Clemence Due

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


PhD Students

Nicole Harb

Thesis: Cross-Sector Approaches to Access and Equity for Humanitarian Settlers in the Private Rental Market


PhD and Masters by Research

We offer a dynamic and supportive environment for postgraduate students. For enquiries please contact the Director of Stigma and Discrimination, A/Prof Anna Ziersch, or Southgate Institute PhD Coordinator Dr Kathryn Browne-Yung.