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  • Telephone: +61 8 8204 6086
  • Postal address: Department of Surgery, Flinders University, GPO Box 2100, Adelaide SA 5001 Australia


Prospective students


Department of Surgery, Flinders University


Division of Surgery and Perioperative Medicine, Flinders Medical Centre



Academic/clinical staff

  • WATSON Professor David, Head Department of Surgery
  • PADBURY Professor Robert, Director, Division of Surgery and Peroperative Medicine FMC
  • BRIGHT Dr Tim, Yr3 MD Surgery Course coordinator
  • PILLER Professor Neil, Advanced Studies and Director, Lymphoedema Research
  • DEAN Dr Nicola, Head of Unit, Plastics and Reconstruction
  • CARNEY Professor Simon, Southern ENT
  • WATTCHOW Professor David, Colorectal Surgery
  • STARR-MARSHALL Dr Kate, Clinical Educator
  • TREACY Associate Professor John, Northern Territory Medical Program
  • CARSON Associate Professor Phillip, Northern Territory Medical Program


Research staff

  • BASTIAN Ms Isabell, Research Assistant
  • COLES Mrs Adele, Research Assistant,(Pancreatic Cancer)
  • DINNING Associate Professor Phil, Senior Medical Scientist
  • HUSSEY Dr Damian, Senior Medical Scientist
  • IRVINE Mrs Tanya, Medical Scientist
  • MAYNE Dr George, Medical Scientist
  • SCHLOITHE Mrs Ann, Technical Officer
  • SHEEHAN-HENNESSY Ms Lorraine, Clinical Research Nurse
  • WOODS Dr Charmaine, Medical Scientist
  • YAZBEK Dr Roger, CMEK Research Fellow


Breast and Endocrine Surgery

Enquiries: 08 8204 5747

  • EATON Dr Michael, Head of Unit
  • McLEAY Dr William, Senior Staff Specialist
  • RICE Dr Jan, CNC
  • SHIN Dr Peter, Surgeon/Consultant


Cardiothoracic Surgery

Enquiries: 08 8204 5618

  • BENNETTS  Associate Professor Jayme, Head of Unit
  • BAKER  Associate Professor Rob, Director of Research
  • CULLEN Dr Hugh, Surgeon
  • LANCE Mr David, Surgeon


Colorectal Surgery

Enquiries: 08 8204 6997

  • HOLLINGTON  Dr Paul, Head of Unit
  • HILL Dr David, Clinical Lecturer
  • WATTCHOW  Professor David, Colorectal Surgery


ENT/Otolaryngology Surgery

Enquiries: 08 8204 7525

  • OOI  Dr Eng, Head of Unit
  • LEMKE Ms Jo, Admin Assistant
  • MacFARLANE  Dr Trish, Lecturer and Visiting Consultant


Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery

Enquiries: 08 8204 4253

  • WILSON Dr Tom, Head of Unit
  • BROOKE-SMITH Dr Mark, Hepatopancreatobiliary
  • CHEN Dr Wei (John), Hepatopancreatobiliary
  • JOHN Miss Libby, Liver Transplant
  • KOW Associate Professor Lillian, Senior Lecturer Liver Transplant
  • PADBURY Professor Rob, Hepatopancreatobiliary and Liver Transplant



Enquiries: 08 8204 4355

  • VRODOS Dr Nikitas, Head of Unit
  • POONOOSE Dr Santosh, Consultant Staff Specialist


Oesophago-Gastric Surgery

Enquiries: 08 8204 6086

  • BRIGHT Dr Tim, Head of Unit
  • BULL Mr Jeffrey, Cancer Co-Coordinator
  • BESSELL Dr Justin, Senior Consultant Surgeon
  • GAN Dr Susan, Senior Lecturer and Surgeon
  • WATSON Professor David, Surgeon


Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Enquiries: 08 8204 5213

  • DEAN  Dr Nicola, Head of Unit
  • GRIFFIN Mr Philip, Senior Lecturer
  • MORGAN Dr Gwyn, Surgeon
  • RIDDELL Dr Peter, Surgeon


Urological Surgery

Enquiries: 08 8204 7672

  • LEE Dr Jason, Head of Unit
  • FOREMAN Dr Darren, Urologist
  • O'CALLAGHAN Dr Michael, Research
  • PINNOCK Dr Carole, Principal Research Scientist
  • SIDDINS Dr Mark, Urologist


Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Enquiries: 08 8204 3083

  • SPARK Professor Ian, Head of Unit
  • ALLAN Mr Richard, Senior Scientist
  • BLEST Dr Nadia, Consultant
  • PUCKRIDGE Dr Phillip, Senior Consultant
  • TOOMEY Ms Melanie, Project Officer
  • WONG Dr Yew, Consultant