Midwifery & PEP

This section applies to students in the:

  • Bachelor of Midwifery (Pre-Registration)
  • Bachelor of Midwifery (Registered Nurse Entry)

Midwifery professional experience placement includes both allocated block placements and Continuity of Care Experiences, and takes place:

  • in public and private venues in metropolitan and rural areas
  • across a number of clinical settings, including antenatal clinics, antenatal high-risk areas, labour and birthing suites, and birthing centres, post-natal wards, domiciliary midwifery, neonatal units and with Midwifery Group Practice

This ensures graduates are adaptable to different models of care and contexts of practice, can respond to changing healthcare needs and consumer demands and fulfill the ANMAC clinical requirements for graduation and registration as a midwife.

Placement venues and shifts are allocated at the discretion of the PEP Unit. You will be provided with your entire semesters shifts from a pre-semester roster. You will usually receive your roster by email at least six weeks prior to your first semester. Once issued, changes will be made for extenuating circumstances only and must be negotiated with the venue's Clinical Facilitator.

You must be able to undertake block placements of between one and four weeks in length which may be allocated at any time during the year.

Rural Placements

Metropolitan students may be allocated one or more rural placements throughout their degree.

Rural RN entry students will be placed in a rural midwifery service for their program, but will be required to attend a minimum of 4 weeks in a metropolitan tertiary hospital for specialised placements; eg. special care nursery and antenatal high-risk care.

If you are undertaking PEP in a rural venue you will be allocated placement dates, however you will need to contact the venue prior to commencing to negotiate your rostered shifts.