Assessment in the clinical setting is dependent on the topic you are enrolled in - refer to the Topic Details for more information.

Please be aware that some of your assessments will be linked to the professional standards within your specialisation.  You must familiarise yourself with the standards specific to your specialisation.

Self-assessment of progress

An important component of assessment is student self-assessment. Self-assessment provides a feedback loop that alerts you to gaps in or problems with your attainment of the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are relevant to your particular placement. With the professional experience placement facilitator at the placement venue, you are expected to identify your ongoing learning needs and develop strategies for meeting them, and continually evaluate your progress towards achieving these learning needs. In particular, you are expected to:

  • establish a working relationship with the clinical team
  • evaluate your own progress towards achievement of the topic learning objectives
  • elicit feedback about your professional experience placement from both your PEP facilitator and clinical staff throughout your placement

Self-assessment hints

  • Make sure you are familiar with the learning objectives, skills list and competencies you are expected to achieve by the end of the placement (see Topic Details booklet).
  • At the end of every clinical shift/session reflect on and document the adequacy of your progress.
  • Ask for feedback and support.
  • Incorporate any feedback into your reflective process.