Educational scholarship

The Educational Scholarship group promotes quality and innovation in teaching and learning, both within the School and more broadly.

The group currently has four main grant and publication programs with other work covering a broad spectrum of topics. The Educational Scholarship group is building momentum in terms of grants and publications, and these activities are informing practical application to teaching and learning at local and national level.


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Case based learning and simulation

Students are provided with unfolding cases that simulate health care practice by using rich multimedia. Online case studies form the basis for simulated problem solving that may be linked to medium and high fidelity simulation. Current research investigates the effectiveness of case based learning within the University and across various health care settings.

Current projects

Investigators: Gillham, D., Wright V., Tucker K.
Description: The CaseWorld project uses rich multimedia to provide authentic case based learning opportunities for nursing, midwifery and health sciences students. CaseWorld aims to provide students with access to current clinical knowledge through the use of expert clinician videos and links to underpinning research evidence. CaseWorld is currently only accessible to Flinders University students and staff.
Dates: 2013 – 2016

Reshaping curricula: integrating culturally diverse/mental health online content to prepare work ready health professionals.
Investigators: Muir-Cochrane, E, Rigney, D, Gillham, D, Edmondson, W, Barkway, P, O’Kane, D, Levett-Jones, T, Rudd, C, McAllister, M, Wright, V.
Funder: Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), Department of Education and Training, Australian Government
Partners: Newcastle University, Edith Cowan University and Central Queensland University
Dates: 2014-2016
Description: This project involves the design, development, evaluation and dissemination of curricula to prepare students from a range of disciplines in health, in the mental health assessment and management needs of Indigenous Australians and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Developing the multicultural workforce to improve the quality of care for residents.
Investigators: Xiao, L, Willis, E, Harrington, A, Gillham, D, De Bellis, A, Morey, W, Jeffers, L.
Funders: Department of Social Services (Australian Government); Ageing and Service Improvement Programme
Dates: 2015-2016
Description: This project involves Flinders University working with four aged care sites to develop and implement a multicultural workforce development (MCWD) model and training package to support implementation of the model to provide culturally appropriate high-quality care to residents.


Parker, S., Gillham, D., Tucker, K. and Kargillis, C. (2014). Developing curriculum in a new educational world. ergo: The Journal of the Education Research Group of Adelaide. Accepted.

Tucker, K., Parker, S., Gillham, D., Wright, V. and Cornell, J., (2015). CaseWorld: Authentic case based learning simulating health care practice. Computers, Informatics Nursing. Accepted.

clinicians, working together  

Interprofessional education (IPE)

IPE is a developing research area for the educational scholarship group. Current projects include the OLT funded project ‘A national interdisciplinary educational framework for professionals working with children in the early years.

Current projects

Developing a national interdisciplinary educational framework for professionals working with children in the early years
Investigators: Grant, J, Parry, Y, Miller, K, Jovanovic, J.
Funder: Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT), Australian Government.
Dates: 2015-2016
Description: The development of this framework will enable a shared common understanding for different professionals that work with children in the early years and allow multidisciplinary teams to work together effectively. Link to project page:

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Improving the quality of teaching and learning through the development and investigation of student-centred, interactive eLearning.

Current projects

Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Research Network (TELLRN): Effects of a web-based educational game on learning English idioms: Idiomatico.
Investigators: Müller, A, Son, J-B, Dashtestani, R, Lee, KW, Nozawa, K, Park, M
Partners: University of Southern Queensland, Australia, University of Tehran, Iran, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia, Ritsumeikan University, Japan, Iowa State University, USA
Dates: July 2014-Aug 2015
Description: How effective is a specially designed educational computer game in teaching idioms.

Preparing nursing students for practical laboratory classes and tutorials through integrating game-like elements into online formative assessment activities.
Investigators: Button, D, Garnett, T
Funder: CEDIT
Dates: 2015 - 31 October 2016
Description: Do online game-like elements increase the level of preparedness of first year pre-registration nursing students to complete their preliminary study?

Recently completed projects

Postgraduate Writing Project
Investigators: Müller, A
Dates: Aug-Nov 2014
Description: Intervention to improve English language writing skills, and sought to quantify improvement as a function of time, error rate, error type, and sentence construction.

A student midwife with an expectant mother  


Midwifery education has a well-developed research program spanning continuity of care, enhancing learning, and technological applications. A recently awarded OLT grant "Augmenting students' learning for employability through post-practicum educational processes" will include a major midwifery contribution from within this group.

Current projects

Augmenting students’ learning for employability through post-practicum educational processes.
Investigators: Billett, S, Rogers, G, Shaban, R, Grealish, L, Mitchell, M, Bialocerkowsk, A, Sweet, L, Molloy, L, Newton, J, Steketee, C, Levett-Jones, T, Courtney-Pratt, H, Noble, C, Sly, C, Mahoney, J, Armit, L.
Funder: Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), Australian Government
Dates: 2015-2016

iMid: mobile devices to support facilitation of midwifery professional experience placements
Investigators: Sweet, L, Graham, K.
Date: 2015

Refining, testing and validating a midwifery clinical assessment tool: a prototype for the health professions
Investigators: Sweet, L, Henderson, A, Gray, J, Barnes, M, McKellar, L.
Dates: 2014-2015

Recently completed projects

Development of a conceptual model of the Continuity of care experiences in midwifery education
Investigators: Glover, P, Sweet, L
Funder: Australian Collaborative Education Network
Dates: 2012-2013