Primary health care

The Primary Health Care team explores the health and welfare of families, communities and individuals across the lifespan, to inform both primary care practice and health governance.

Research programs are nested in social health principles such as social justice, cultural safety, advocacy, community engagement and health promotion, and aim to:

  • provide evidence to support either community health practices or the adoption of primary health care philosophies, across a range of health care settings
  • respond to evolving and contentious social health & welfare issues
  • engage in the evaluation and development of health care policies


A midwife with a new mother

Reproductive, maternal and newborn health care

This team deals with the prevention, diagnosis and management of reproductive problems, including the improvment or maintainence of reproductive health and enabling people to have children at a time of their choosing.

We address issues of sexual education, puberty, family planning, birth control, infertility, assisted reproduction, reproductive system disease (including sexually transmitted diseases) and sexual dysfunction.

Current projects

Delayed childbearing and fertility; how do women and men make decisions about their fertility, the timing of reproduction and what triggers a decision?
Investigators: de Lacey, S, Drummond, M, Smith, C, Macdonald, J.
Dates: 2015

Screening in the void: the regulation of child welfare in assisted reproductive technology
Investigators: de Lacey, S, Dutney, A
Dates: 2016-2017

Untangling the threads: Preparing consumers in Australia for commercial surrogacy overseas
Investigators: Zannettino, L, de Lacey, S, Grant, J
Dates: 2016-2017

Barriers and enablers to Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive use: Examining the views of health care professionals.
Investigators: Gunson J, de Lacey S, Ripper M, Singleton P, Levy N
Dates: 2015

Psychosocial support in early pregnancy following assisted reproduction: a proof of concept study.
Investigators: Sweet, L, de Lacey, S, Mrs Stone, K
Dates: 2015

A pilot study to determine if serum magnesium levels correlate with the development of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)
Investigators: Jones, M, Foster W, Sweet L
Dates: 2015-2016

Home and Away: the effects of a neonatal early discharge program – A matched case controlled study
Investigators: Mannix, T, Sweet, L, Morris, Kaambwa, B.
Dates: 2015

Implementation of the SA obese obstetric woman policy
Investigators: Sweet, L, Scroggs, S
Dates: 2015

Recently completed projects

Acupuncture to improve live birth rates for women undergoing IVF: a randomised controlled trial.
Investigators: Smith, C, de Lacey, S, Chapman, M & Ratcliffe, J.
Funder: NHMRC
Dates: 2010-2014.

Community literacy in fertility and women’s and men’s health: how do adults understand fertility and how does this influence their decisions?
Investigators: de Lacey, S, Drummond, M, Smith, C, Macdonald, J.
Dates: 2013-2014


Barr, K., Smith, C., & de Lacey, S. (2016). Participation in a randomised controlled trial of acupuncture as an adjunct to in vitro fertilisation: the views of study patients and acupuncturists. European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 8(1), 48-54. 

De Lacey, S. and Smith, C. (2013). Acupuncture and infertility treatment: Is
there more to the outcome for women than pregnancy? Medical
, 25(3), 195-199.

Smith, C.A., de Lacey, S.L., Chapman, M., Ratcliffe, J., Norman, R.J., Johnson, N., Sacks, G., Lyttleton, J. and Boothroyd, C. (2012). Acupuncture to improve live birth rates for women undergoing in vitro fertilisation: a protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials. 13, Article 60.

Smith, C., Usher, J., Perz, J., Carmady, B. and de Lacey, S. (2011) The effect of acupuncture on psychosocial outcomes for women experiencing infertility: A pilot randomised control trial. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 17(10), 923-930.

a family walking togther

Families, women, children and adolescents

This area is concerned with the promotion and support of the health and wellbeing of families, women, children and adolescents, with a particular research focus upon vulnerable communities.

Current projects

Developing a national interdisciplinary educational framework for professionals working with children in the early years.
Investigators: Grant, J, Parry, Y, Miller, K, Jovanovic, J.
Funder: Office of Teaching and Learning
Dates: 2015-2016

The use of community for children (CfC) programs to improve the social determinants of health outcomes in Western Adelaide.
Investigators: Parry, Y, Grant, J
Funder: UCWPA
Dates: 2015

Recently completed projects

Developing a common language for professionals working in the early years
Investigators: Parry, Y, Grant, J.
Dates: 2014

The in-service educational needs of front line homelessness service staff in a Generic Homelessness Service to deliver Child Aware Practice in accordance with the ‘no wrong door’ policy.
Investigators: Parry, Grant, J.
Dates: 2013-2014

A community nurse

Primary health care and nursing

This specialisation focuses on the improvement of primary health care interventions, to promote and support community health and wellbeing.

Current projects

Factors influencing people with diabetes to have an annual Flu vaccination.
Investigators: Hill, P, Huang, Z
Funder: SANOFI Diabetes
Dates: 2014-2015

Domestic Violence against older women: Developing networks to improve service provision
Investigators: Zannettino, L, Fuller, J, Parry, Y
Funder: Department of Social Services
Dates: 2016-2017

Men's violence: Health, education, relationships, change
Investigators: Hutton, A, Wadham, B
Funder: Sammy D Foundation
Dates: 2016-2017

The impact of war and conflict trauma on veteran men’s use of violence in intimate relationships
Investigator: Zannettino, L
Dates: 2015

Evaluation of undergraduate nursing student awareness of their engagement in online learning activities and the influence on academic outcomes.
Investigators: Abigail, W, McCloud, C, Fitzgerald, M, Ullah, S
Dates: 2015



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