The Facilities & Learning Environment

Our Nursing & Midwifery Clinical Skills Laboratories have been designed to realistically replicate a clinical environment. The labs were purpose built to provide students with a learning environment that facilitates their immediate immersion into the health care setting, and health care provider role. The bathroom facilities, call bells and emergency suction and air outlets are all fully operational.

We have two state of the art simulation suites. These are equipped with a highly technical audio visual recording and coding program, with video streaming capabilities. Students work in small groups to manage a patient scenario. The facilitator operates the manikins and equipment from a viewing room behind a one-way glass window. The manikin is manipulated by the facilitator to respond appropriately to clinical interventions performed by students. The students are then able to view the video in one of our debriefing rooms. This enables them to crtiique and evaluate their performance whist providing a visual tool for the instructor to use when giving feedback. This recording is securely stored and may be accessed by the students on other occasions should they like to review and reflect on their performance after the initial debriefing process.



High Fidelity

The Clinical Skills Laboratories are equipped with a range of high fidelity simulation equipment that is utilised throughout the undergraduate courses. Complex patient scenarios are designed for the students who are challenged to practice critical thinking and consolidate their learning in preparation for clinical practice.

SimNewB                  SimMan

SimMan3G                SimMom


Medium Fidelity

The clinical skills laboratories are equipped with a large variety of medium fidelity products, including two  Nursing Anne Manikins  (that are programmable using the SimPad), a Resusci Anne, and three iSimulate  kits. The iSimulate packages can be used with any manikin or a standardised patient and are fully portable, programmable with manual override capabilities to enable the facilitator to be responsive to student interventions.




Low Fidelity

The school has numerous task trainers that enable students confidently master a variety of clinical skills. This includes basic practices, such as intramuscular medication administration and venepuncture, to more advanced skills like catheterisation.