Frequently asked questions

General knowledge questions

  • What are bundles?
    Bundles are a sets of suggested topic availabilities that when combined do not clash with each other. Following one of these bundle options when you enrol is the best way to ensure that your classes from one topic will not clash with another.
  • What are availabilities?
    Availabilities are different instances of the same topic running during different times of the semester. Typically the higher the availability number is, the later in the semester it will run.
  • What are streams?
    Some classes are linked together (e.g. a lab and a workshop for the same topic).  When you register for one of these classes you will be automatically registered for the other classes within that stream.  You will be able to identify these classes by a chain icon against your classes in the 'My Timetable' grid in the student information system.

Troubleshooting topic enrolment:

  • I don’t know how to enrol
    Visit the 'Ask Flinders' enrolment guides on the University website or contact Flinders Connect for advice on the enrolment process.
  • I don’t know what availability I’m in?
    You can check this under ‘My Enrolments’ the availability you are in for a given topic can be found within the description line. It is denoted by the letters ‘AV’ (e.g. AV1)
  • I don’t know which availability I’m supposed to be in.
    You can compare each of your topics for the semester against the recommended bundles.
  • How do I change availabilities?
    You need to withdraw from a topic before the census date for the current availability and then re-enrol into the topic before the last day to enrol. You will also then need to register into classes again.
  • The availability that I would like to select does not show when I am trying to enrol?
    The availability is either not yet open, is currently full, or enrolment deadlines have passed. Please choose another availability or submit an ‘Ask Flinders’ request for assistance.
  • Can I get my money back from the topics that I have enrolled in but unable to complete as I have not passed the pre-requisites
    As long as you withdraw prior to the census date for the availability you have enrolled into you are eligible to a refund. If you withdraw after the census date, a refund cannot be offered. If you have experienced extenuating circumstances please view the remission of fees page on the University website.
  • The system will not allow me to enrol, is this because I have outstanding amenities fees?  How do I sort it out?
    Contact Flinders Connect as soon as possible to sort this out.
  • The topics which I want to study are not on my study plan and I am therefore not able to enrol properly
    Topics are added to study plans via the Faculty Office. Please send an ‘Ask Flinders’ request outlining the topics you wish to have added.
  • My placement block has been changed as there were not enough placements.  What do I do now as it is clashing with my other topics?
    Unfortunately the School has no control over availabilities for clinical placement in our partner venues. From time to time not enough places are offered at the one time and a new block will need to be created. The School will be aware of potential clashing due to a change in your placement block. Once you have been assigned a placement in the new block you should receive an email shortly after from the School about rectifying your clashing topics. If you do not hear from us, please contact us by email so we can offer solutions to you.
  • I have missed the last day to enrol what should I do?
    Contact the Topic Coordinator for advice. Topic Coordinators are listed on the topic page, contact details are found on the Staff Directory.

Class registration:

  • I don’t know how to register into classes
    Consult the ‘Ask Flinders’ knowledge base on the University website for helpful guides on enrolment and class registration. If you need further help you can also seek assistance in person or by phone from Flinders Connect.
  • The class I would like to attend/can only attend due to other commitments is full.  What shall I do?
    Firstly check that the class you wish to attend has been opened for registration. Some classes are opened up progressively as the semester progresses and may not yet be open. Alternatively you can look at other classes that may be suitable and have room for registration.
  • I am registered into my Placement but unable to register into the Tutorials and Workshops
    Firstly check that the tutorials and workshops are open for registration. If they are open for registration but are full, or you are experiencing some other issue you will need to submit an ‘Ask Flinders’ request to have someone assist you.
  • My classes in two topics clash but I cannot change as there is not any spaces available and the system states they are all full
    Ensure that you have followed one of the bundle packages and are enrolled into a recommended configuration of availabilities for your topics. If you are still having issues with classes clashing due to lack of available spaces, consider changing to a different class stream, a different recommended bundle or alternatively submit an ‘Ask Flinders’ request on the University web page.
  • How do I manage to obtain a clash free timetable?
    Follow one of the bundles on the Nursing website. If you have exhausted all the recommended options and are still having trouble managing to achieve a clash free timetable, put in an ‘Ask Flinders’ request for assistance.
  • I have chosen a stream and classes but I am on a waitlist, what do I do?
    In order to assure a place in the availability, you should change the class stream to one with available room. If you remain on a waitlist you are taking a risk on not being able to be registered into any class and missing out on that availability. Waitlists are always closed 1 week prior to a topic's commencement.
  • I’m on a waitlist, how long should I sit on there?
    As the student it is your responsibility to register into a class. While from time to time availability to register into a waitlisted class may become a possibility, it is recommended that you choose another stream which has room for registration. If you remain on a waitlist you are taking a risk on not being able to be registered into any class and missing out on that availability. Waitlists are always closed 1 week prior to a topic's commencement.
  • I have holidays/personal issues and nothing fits with my timetable, what do I do?
    You can look at the bundles to see if there are alternative set of availabilities that might work for you. If all available options don’t work for you, you may need to look at changing your study plan or deferring. Make an appointment with the School office to see the Student Advisor.
  • I’ve turned up to classes but the Tutor has told me I’m not on the class attendance list, what do I do?
    Check your timetable on the Student Information System and ensure that you are registered into this class. If you are correctly registered into the class please contact your Topic Coordinator.

Student appointments:

  • How much time do I have to complete my degree?
    Each of our courses has a time limit, either full time or its part time equivalent (i.e. 3 year degree, 6 year time limit), in which you must complete your studies.
  • Can I take time off from study and how will affect my enrolment in the future?
    You may defer your studies for one year at a time as long as doing so does not prevent you from completing your studies within the course time limit. If you have opted to study part time, you will require the entire time limit to complete the degree. Deferring part time studies is not possible unless you opt to undertake some full time study to stay on schedule.
  • I have failed a topic which is a pre-requisite for other topics.  What shall I do?
    You will need to repeat this topic in the next calendar year. Any topic this was a pre-requisite for will also need to be deferred as it cannot be undertaken without the pre-requisite knowledge. If you are concerned about your study plan please phone the School office to make an appointment with the Student Advisor.
  • I now want to study part-time but have enrolled for full-time topics?
    Refer to the part time course study plan to confirm which topics you should enrol into for this semester. If you are still unsure make an appointment to see the Student Advisor at the School office.


24-hour computing suite access

Sturt campus has a 24-hour computing suite which is available to staff and students, located on Level 3 West Wing. Access can be requested by emailing the request form to University Security.

More information: 24-hour computing suite website


Access toilets on campus

Access toilets are situated at:

  • Level 1 South (L118 and S114)
  • Level 1 West (near cafeteria)
  • Level 2 East (E228 and E215)
  • Level 3 South (between the male and female toilets).

More information: Campus map (PDF 2MB)


Breastfeeding and parents room

Sturt has two rooms on campus dedicated to private breastfeeding and use by parents.

West Wing Parenting Room; Room S219B.  Ask for the key at the Social Health Sciences Office (8201 3296).

More information: Parents room


Childcare on campus

Flinders University has an on-campus childcare centre on Sturt Drive.

More information: Childcare Centre website


Counselling and disability services

Counselling and disability advisors are available for appointments on Tuesday and Wednesdays within the School of Nursing and Midwifery. Call 8201 2118 to make an appointment.

More information: Health and counselling information


Food options at Sturt

Decafe provides an extensive range of food and drink options for Sturt campus including hot foods, fresh sandwiches, rolls and baked goods. If you’re looking for something different to Decafe, why not try one of the mobile food vendors in the external courtyard at Sturt?

More information: Food and drink options | Sturt food truck roster


Learning Lounge at Sturt Campus Library

Sturt library has a free drop-in service available to all currently enrolled students who need advice on developing study skills and to improve their academic writing. Learning Lounge is available in 2017 Tuesday through Thursday from 11am-3pm.

More information: Learning Lounge website


Student association - Nursing & Midwifery

The Flinders University Nursing & Midwifery Student Association (FUNMSA) is the student association for Flinders past and present students.

More information: Facebook page | Website


Student association (FUSA) room

The Flinders University Student Association room W108 is available for use by all students and includes a microwave, table and chair. You can also book the room for specific events by contacting FUSA on 8201 2371

More information: FUSA website

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24-hour computing suite access

Students have access to a 24-hour computer suite located in the main computer suite.

Apply for access: Tania Pilgrim


Access toilets on campus

Male and female access toilets are located in the corridor behind the student common room.


Breastfeeding room

A lockable room will be made available to any student on request.  Please see Tania Pilgrim.

Apply for access: Tania Pilgrim


Car parking

Free car parking is available to all students and staff.


Counselling services

A free local counselling service is available for Riverland Flinders University students.

More information: Tania Pilgrim



Access to the library is Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. See Tania Pilgrim for borrowing and returning of books.

More information: Tania Pilgrim


Student common room

This is available for students to use for study groups or quiet lunch breaks. The space is equipped with a:

  • Stove
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Sandwich toaster
  • Machine
  • TV
  • Stereo system

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» Awards & scholarships
» Clinical communication study aid


External student resources

The School provides a number of courses in external (distance) mode that are suitable for practising nurses and midwives.

The undergraduate programs in nursing and midwifery are not offered in external mode. Postgraduate courses are offered externally.

Many internal or on-campus topics include some online delivery.


Services for external students

The Student Learning Centre offers study support for external students.

The SendIt - Off Campus Library Service provides support to all external students and to those who live outside the Adelaide metropolitan area.


Internal transfers into Nursing and Midwifery

Flinders University has a Guaranteed Entry Scheme which allows students to move between undergraduate degrees, including Nursing and Midwifery.

More information: Internal transfer


Language development workshops

Dr Amanda Muller runs language development workshops to assist students who are looking to increase their skills in communication within a nursing and midwifery context.

More information: Self enrol in the Professional Language Development FLO site


» Mentoring Project: Research and Publication Skills (NURS3106)
» Overseas registration


Private tutors

A list of private tutors is available at the reception counter at the School Office.


»Professional experience placement



Author - date style

Students are required to use the Harvard System (Author-Date). 

More information: About Referencing

Using EndNote

EndNote is a bibliographic database and reference management application that can make creating citations in papers and articles easier. It is available for Flinders University staff and currently enrolled students to use at no cost.

More information: About Endnote


Using the author - date style in EndNote

If you are using EndNote, you can download the referencing style approved by the School. To find out how to do this, read Using the author–date style in EndNote (PDF - 226 KB).


School student advisor

The student advisor can help with the administrative side of your study, including:

  • creating study plans
  • changing your study arrangements
  • navigating prerequisites.

Call 8201 3409 to make an appointment.

More information: Student Advisor contact details


» Social media guidelines & netiquette


Student assistance

The Flinders University Student Association has both academic advocacy and financial advocacy officers who are available for appointments at Sturt. Phone appointments are also possible. Contact FUSA to make an appointment on 8201 2371.

More information: Student Assist website


» Student exchange opportunities


Student Learning Centre English Language Support Program

The Student Learning Centre has an English Language Support Program to assist domestic and international students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

More information: English Language Support Program


» Study plans and prerequisites



It is recommended that you have your own copy of or access to the textbook(s) that are prescribed for study in your topic(s).

The Co-op is the University’s preferred textbook supplier. Their website has up-to-date information on textbook requirements for Flinders topics. They offer free shipping on orders over $50, and further savings with membership. Their outlet at the Hub will be available to collect orders, and may also provide limited services to Sturt, Tonsley and FMC. It is advisable to purchase prescribed textbooks as early as possible in preparation for study.

Textbook details may also be found on FLO topic sites—this information may be included in a block, in an announcement, or with other documentation from the topic coordinator (e.g. ‘Learning resources’ page).


» Topic search

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Accommodation is available both on and off campus at Flinders University.

More information: Flinders Living website


Counselling phone appointments

Phonelink Counselling Services are available from 3:30pm – 5pm and can be made by contacting Health, Counselling and Disability Services on 8201 2118.

More information: Phone counselling appointments


» Emergency procedures


Financial assistance

The Flinders University Student Association has emergency financial aid which can be accessed by contacting the office on 8201 2371

More information: Financial advocacy - FUSA


Flinders University Student Association (FUSA)

The Flinders University Student Association provides services including advocacy, financial assistance, grants, student council representation and job services.

More information: FUSA website


FLO Helpdesk - FLO, FAN or email issues

If you’re having difficulties with FLO, your FAN, or your Flinders University email, you can contact the FLO Helpdesk for assistance

More information: FLO Helpdesk


International Student Services Unit

The International Student Services Unit is the first point of contact for international students.

More information: ISSU website | Quick Guide (PDF 1.2MB)


Library - borrowing from UniSA or University of Adelaide

Your Flinders University ID card allows you to borrow from all Flinders libraries, University of Adelaide, and University of South Australia libraries.

More information: Borrowing from other libraries


Library - off-campus lending service

SendIt is the Off-Campus library service which is available for students who are studying fully online or externally, who are on placement or live outside the Adelaide metropolitan area.

More information: SendIt - off campus library service


Student card - apply online

You can apply for your student card online once you have enrolled at Flinders University. The card can be picked up from Bedford campus, or you can request that it be mailed to you.

More information: MyFlinders


Student card - update your sticker

Internal students can obtain an expiry sticker for their existing student cards by visiting Flinders Connect (Level 0, Central Library). External students can apply for their sticker to be mailed to their listed mailing address.

More information: MyFlinders


» Student related policies
» Work Health & Safety
» Work Health & Safety - Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences

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