... this could mean that ... Solution
... they haven't activated their FAN and can't log in to FLO. No wonder they can't see their topics. Send them to Flinders Authentication Name to activate their FAN.
... the topic might be at the bottom of their my topics list
... the topic may have been hidden.
This has been the problem on a number of occasions, get them to check ... again.
Watch the video 'Staff - CUstomise My FLO home page'
Alternatively, staff might want to ask Marcia or Lowell to show them how to add a search box to FLO.
... they were previously a tutor/instructor and they are now the topic coordinator but they are still in listed in StudentTwo's teaching team as a tutor. This causes a clash of roles, which confuses FLO, and their access may  disappear. Remove them as a tutor from StudentTwo's teaching team.
... HR hasn't finished processing their paperwork. Try again tomorrow.
... StudentTwo tried to send their details to FLO before their contract was finalised. Delete them from StudentTwo's teaching team and re-add them, to force StudentTwo resend their details to FLO.
  • If they are the first topic coordinator, email anne.redman@flinders.edu.au  
  • Don't re-add people to the teaching team if they are already there.