Updating topic information

Topic information is made available to students in the Topic links area in your FLO site, it is crucial that this is accurate and up to date.

Teaching teams

FLO receives regular updates of teaching staff involved in a topic availability from StudentTwo.

  • Changes of topic coordinator details should be sent to
  • Changes in the composition of the teaching team (e.g. addition or removal of a staff member) should be directed to your School's administration staff

Details about staff members (eg office location, phone number, email address or web page) are drawn from the University’s official online directory.

Further details about teaching team roles is available from So one of your staff members can't see their topic in FLO...

Topic details (including aims and outcomes)

Writing topic aims and learning outcomes.

All changes should be submitted on the Revised topic proposal form (available from ASA) to the secretaries of Courses and Curricula Committee or the Higher Degrees Committee for approval.