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Faculty internal finance forms / information

Note:  All finance forms require the approval through/by the School Dean and should be forwarded to appropriate School Office prior to being sent to the Faculty Finance Office.

For all other forms please refer to: Flinders University Finance forms

Independent contract services agreement

Central overhead rates


Flinders University finance forms/policy & procedures
(reimbursement, advance, acquittal etc forms)

  1. It is imperative that forms are completed in compliance of University and Faculty policy and procedure.
  2. Each School/Unit will have internal processes; therefore, all reimbursements should go through the School Office.
  3. Flinders University Finance forms

New project form

  1. The Faculty Finance Office can only request new consulting, special purpose or Commercial/recovery projects.
  2. When requesting creation of these types of projects, a “Certification Form” must be completed.
  3. The form and instructions are available from the University's financial tools website.
    Note: These projects will attract a 25% University Infrastructure Levy.